Saturday, 12 November 2011

The best moment of the day

It's not the moment when he goes to bed, even though that might be a relief.
Instead, it's usually about three hours after that. I've made and eaten dinner, and settled down to some reading or studying or wallying around on the internet, and then I hear a little chirp on the baby monitor.
This is my place to confess that I always bound up the stairs, without waiting to see whether he'll just roll over and go back to sleep, because after three hours I miss him and I want to scoop up his sleepy little body. I want to watch and feel his head roll into me with his eyes still closed, and I want to snuggle him up while he feeds. Last night I found myself reaching to stroke his hair, and at exactly the same time he stretched up and stroked my face, eyes still closed.

Night feeds are a bugger, and he is a right one for them, but the evening feed, oh, the evening feed, I don't want it ever to stop.
(apologies for the worst photo in the world. But, could anyone resist gathering up that little bundle?)


  1. That is so incredibly sweet! I'll admit I don't *always* have such a great attitude about the late evening feed, but for the most part it is a beautiful, snuggly time. I do usually wait a few moments to see if my daughter is just mumbling in her sleep and finding myself feeling a bit disappointed when she settles in on her own. It is so nice to have that time.

  2. Melissa, you have a year on me, I can't absolutely guarantee I'll still have that great attitude in another few months....