Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's not exactly like office-worker productivity

Things  I have not done today:
1. Any more unpacking or decluttering
2. Any of the work I've promised myself on friendship-maintenance
3. Sorted my tights drawer

Things I have done today:
1. Played with trains, for hours, using all available nearby objects as bridges and tunnels
2. Gone out looking for horses (FAIL)
3.  Had glorious biscuit-making fun
4. Wallied around on the floor on my hands and knees, a lot
5. Giggled and caused giggles
6. Stared in wonder at my so-changing, so-delightful son
7. Read "messy me" around a dozen times
8. Three hours of editing my chapter on financial instruments
9. Had some of the best hugs in the world
10. Scrubbed some wee off the carpet
11. Changed three pooey nappies
12. Daydreamed
13. Made a lovely big fish pie which, to my delight, the child ate an enormous portion of (did I mention, HE EATS, HE FINALLY EATS!!!)
14. Got him to bed with no tears, just co-operation, fun and patience

Things I would change about today:

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  1. Can I confess that I had a lousy parenting day, and yet got a lot done? It's true, and this list of yours is a perfect reminder of the best way to dust myself off and do better tomorrow! Connection makes or breaks us as gentle parents, doesn't it? Here's hoping you have many more wonderful days like this one in your future!