Saturday, 21 January 2012

Does keeping alive all day count as an achievement?

Oh, dear. Today hasn't been a good start to the plan to achieve great things. The beautiful darling delightful baby  began his delightfulness for the day at FOUR so really all I have managed is to stagger through, lots of housework and cleaning and washing, and a sneaky quick co-nap with him this afternoon, but these things were in the category of "to be done before any achievements for the day" and in fact are all I've managed. Tonight I expect to make the tea, maybe clear up the tea, read a bit of the paper, and collapse into an early night.
FAIL! But hey, at least I managed to blog about the fail, that counts for something, right?


  1. In what way fail? That sounds like utter achievement. My day, starting at 4 with a baby, would look like that, but without the housework/cleaning/washing/cooking/clearing up of tea, and most definitely without managing to refer to said baby as beautiful darling and delightful.

    Utter WIN, Helen.