Saturday, 30 October 2010

I'm not sulking, honest

I really didn't mean to stop posting once they announced the wrong Booker prize winner.
Perhaps it's more
1. a slowing down of reading, mainly into War & Peace, which I'll not be finishing for a while, therefore not much new to write about that I've written;
2. the reasonably time-consuming work project I've been quite absorbed with (the happening phrase is "FRSME", pronounced to almost-rhyme with "frisbee", and often coming along with FRED);
3. my disastrous attempts at knitting which mean I don't even have anything to show you there; and
4. the fact that A WEEK TODAY I'll be getting married. Or, acknowledging the existence of the DF, we'll be getting married.

I'm going to try and get myself back in the habit, though. In particular, if you are a very very lucky blog audience then after today I'll have some lovely glazed pots to show you, assuming that I suddenly develop more skill with the bucket than I've shown before.

PS they really did choose the wrong winner, if this is what's valued in contemporary fiction then I give up, etc...


  1. Getting married! You need some fiction to help you along the way.......
    Don't read Madame Bovary, I trust you won't be Dora to his David, Last Chronicles of Barset will give you a wonderful model of a long-suffering wife, but the best wife in fiction is probably Mrs Bagnet from Bleak House....
    I'm sure you don't need a suggestion as to how to begin your blog entry next weekend...

  2. If it's any consolation, I don't think prizes are necessarily about what's really worthy. More about trend and / or judges' personal preferences.