Sunday, 2 May 2010

I seem to have fallen horribly behind myself, despite a week off. It's struck me a few times recently that I'm not necessarily getting the balance absolutely right, although perhaps it's something more subtle than that: the balance is fine, it's just that the volume's, on occasion, unmanageable.
Since one of my aims here was to write properly about what I've been reading, but I also don't want to lose track, here's a list, and I'll backfill with comments shortly. Not quite in order:
18 The Turn of the Screw - Henry James having a good go at being brief and readable;
19 Neill, Neill, Orange Peel, an autobiography by AS Neill, the founder of Summerhill;
20 Telling about society, Howard S Becker, ooo, I enjoyed this;
21 Patterns of Infant Care in an Urban Community - I'll delay saying much on this until I've read the third of the trio, which I'm saving for a treat;
22 When will there be good news? - Kate Atkinson, meeting my need for ongoing feeding with modern fiction;
23 Darrell Huff's How to lie with statistics - an important book everyone should have read;
24 The seminal work, Young and Willmott's Family and Kinship in East London ;
25 Hard Times - maybe should have been earlier on the list but I only finished it this morning.

Oh Helen, Helen, are you becoming a dull person who only reads sociology? No, apart from in the sense that it's all sociology, really, everything is (as Becker puts, more eloquently than this).

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