Thursday, 7 January 2010

More reading

I finished 4 and it was something of a disappointment. I can't believe they broke up at the end! But, I reckon I understand a load more Italian than I did before I started, and if I learned all of the new words then I'd be up by some 240.
5. was A Little Princess, yes, a children's book. I'd put it on my e-book reader from the wonderful Gutenberg and it did pretty much make me cry, despite its quite unnecessary sentimentalism and obviously preposterous plot.
6., which I started last night even though I've already got 1-3 on the go, is Reading Like a Writer. I'd never heard of Francine Prose before I bought this book for my big brother having been drawn to it on a pile in Foyles, but it's just gorgeous. I'm reading it more slowly than I ever read anything because I DON'T WANT IT TO BE OVER.

In other news, I managed my 1 Jan stitch-a-day so I'm now less than a week behind.

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